We have started our Umrah and Ziyarah tours back in 2006. Since that time Alhamdulillah we are been doing the tours regularly.

Our company is registered with the company house in UK with the name of Albarkat Hajj private limited.

Our aim is to provide the best service for Umrah and Ziyarah with the reasonable pricing which suits even people with the average budgets. We will be honest and fair in our pricing and we don’t believe in swindling the customers with the name Umrah and Hajj. As we hear often about Hajj frauds and it was in high lights sometimes ago. And in the consequence British government stepped in and formed some groups, organisations to tackle the issue.

Alhamdulillah in all these years there is not any single complaint made to our company about our services. In most cases our customers are returning happy, because we treat them more than the customers. We believe they are visiting House of Allah and city of Beloved Prophet Alaihissalam, if we fulfil our promises, InshaAllah they will make duas for us.

But sometimes things are beyond our control, like the time on the airport, transports delay, delay in checking in, and rooms on the floors of your choice, your preferred stuff in breakfast, and such things are not always possible as we want to be like.

We always try our best to assist you where we can InshaAllah.

Hajj Tours

We have started our Hajj group in 2014 in co-operation with one prominent company and all of our Hujjaj came back happy and 99% were proper satisfied with our services.

Al Aqsa

We are taking groups almost every year for Umrah with Al Aqsa. Hundreds of people have been to Al Aqsa with our company and people have thoroughly enjoyed the Ziyarah at Amman and Al Quds. We can provide the best quote for the family, friends and groups are preparing to travel for Ziyarah of Al Aqsa.

Blessed Tree

We have discovered the Ziyarah of the Blessed tree in Jordan, Our Prophet Peace be Upon Him honoured this tree with resting in the shadow of the tree. Very first time we have been to this place in March 2015, it is far away from Amman in the jungle, there is no other tree in that desert. Only one tree which is there from centuries.

Alhmadulillah so far we are getting very positive and encouraging feedbacks from brothers and sisters. We have long list to be added into testimonials column.

We are not perfect as we are too human, we may make mistakes but we pledge that we will strive hard to make our services better and better. We have adopted the slogan sincerely ‘’HONESTY IS OUR BUSINESS.’’

Please continue supporting us with your duas that May Allah keep us always honest and give us ability to serve the Muslimeen.